1st Plenary Meeting

REWIRE consortium partners gathered in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, on 6 and 7 June 2023, for the 1st Plenary meeting, that was kindly hosted by project partner UCLouvain, in hybrid form.

The purpose of the meeting was purely technical, aiming at finalizing the REWIRE Architecture, both for the design and the runtime phases. Additionally, partners worked together towards the final touches on the definition of requirements and on the characterization of REWIRE outputs to project goals.

The progress achieved during this meeting feeds directly the rest of the technical workpackages for design-time compositional security and safety assurance for Systems of Systems, as well as for the runtime secure field devices execution layer and the secure data sharing and trust management logic for modular Systems of Systems.

Presentation of the AS-IS scenarios, challenges and needs, TO-BE scenarios, and detailed user stories have been presented by the use case partners, for smart cities, automotive and smart satellites, thus concluding the discussions of 1st REWIRE Plenary meeting.

A clear roadmap is available for all partners to perform their part of the work towards the set of achievements expected to be met by the end of the 1st year of project implementation.


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