REWIRE was presented at PUZZLE International Cybersecurity Conference, which took place at Novi Sad, Serbia, during June 21st 2023. The conference entitled “Securing the Future: Join us this June to tackle today’s cybersecurity challenges” brought together multidisciplinary competencies and resources from the academia, industry and research communities. This gathering of professionals, researchers and enthusiasts in the field of cyber security, privacy, and data protection presented EU-funded, R&D projects, data processing and their analysis, solutions, and tools for SMEs&MEs.

PUZZLE ICC had been organised by PUZZLE Horizon2020 Research Project, one of the research initiatives REWIRE has already established a synergy with.

Our colleague, Dr. Sofia Anna Menesidou, from UBITECH, presented the vision of REWIRE at PUZZLE ICC. More precisely, a presentation, entitled “Compositional Security, Verification & Risk Management for Systems-Of-Systems-Enabled Supply Chains“, covered the current project results, and research directions, as well as the three use cases of REWIRE. You may read or download the slides below.


Compositional Security, Verification & Risk Management for Systems-Of-Systems-Enabled Supply Chains-20230621


More information on the outcomes of PUZZLE ICC can be found at https://puzzle-h2020.com/blog/unveiling-the-top-insights-from-puzzle-international-cybersecurity-conference/.

See below photos from Dr. Menesidou’s presentation.

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