On the 31st of October, REWIRE and CERTIFY projects arranged their first bilateral virtual meeting, for an open discussion on the two projects’ latest developments and their next steps. REWIRE project was represented by Charemis Athanasios from UBITECH and CERTIFY project was by Stephano Sebastio from Collins Aerospace.

The agenda of the meeting was divided into two parts. In the first round, both representatives provided a short overview presentation for each project, describing their visions and objectives, the partnership structure, and the developments on the architectural frameworks, while giving a comprehensive overview of their achievements and milestones so far. Emphasis was given on the requirements setting and the conceptual architectures of both platforms.


The second part involved an open discussion dedicated to the major challenges for the successful implementation of both the projects, the technologies and innovations involved and the workflow processes.

Since, both projects aim to define and establish advanced methodological frameworks for the organizational approach toward IoT security lifecycle management, an open discussion and ideation for future collaborations took place. At this stage of the conversation, both projects identified a series of potential synergies and upcoming opportunities for bilateral collaboration and broader activities with the participation of EU projects under the umbrella of similar clusters.


Overall, the meeting was very productive, as well as the potential impact of both projects. More specifically, in terms of their outcomes and outputs, both consortia aim to maximize their overall impact for the IoT market and EU societies and explore further exploitation and uptake opportunities.

In the end, the participants defined the next steps for the continuance of the two projects’ collaboration. The two projects co-decided a follow-up workshop on the requirements and architectures of their platforms, with the broad participation of the technical coordinators and technical partners. Some of the core areas of future collaborations are considered Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), also known as a Secure Enclave, the adoption of open-source architectures based on RISC-V, automation with Zero-Trust Onboarding, and Secure Updates. 


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