Smart Cities for Empowering Public Safety

Smart City applications aim to maintain the well-being of their inhabitants by offering safety-critical services. Smart IoT devices are typically installed in a set-and-forget fashion, working for long periods of time without human supervision. That is, admins must rely on advanced operational assurance mechanisms that continuously check the behaviour for anomalous events.

Crypto-enabled authentication and authorisation need to reassure the secure device on-boarding in distributed and collaborative environments. There is an urgent need for threat detection mechanisms that can guarantee the operational assurance of deployments. Open-source designs are required to audit embedded software and other security aspects of devices.

In Smart Cities context, REWIRE aims to address the following challenging scenarios by offering innovative security solutions for (i) Secure device on-boarding, (ii) Collaborative Threat and Misbehaviour Detection, and (iii) Software and Firmware Update for Critical IoT Devices. Through this use case, REWIRE’s cybersecurity platform for a trusted and scalable management solution will be validated, in the aforementioned Smart City scenarios.

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