Synergies with CROSSCON project

We are excited to announce that REWIRE has established a new collaboration with CROSSCON, a Horizon Europe research project, also funded under Call Topic “HORIZON-CL3-2021-CS-01-02 Improved security in open-source and open-specification hardware for connected devices”, establishing a synergy towards the common goal of creating a safer and more secure IoT ecosystem.

CROSSCON, entitled “Cross-platform Open Security Stack for Connected Devices”, aims to tackle the challenge of end-to-end security in the highly diverse and heterogeneous landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT devices range from simple, unsecured systems to advanced devices with AI support and built-in Root of Trust (RoT) and Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). This creates an easy entry point for attackers, leading to the need for handling interoperability issues and providing high levels of assurance in the vertical IoT device security stack. The project aims to address these issues by developing an open, flexible, and vendor-independent IoT security stack that can run on various edge devices and multiple hardware platforms. The scope of the project includes security threats for open-source hardware, smart security assurance in vertical IoT supply chains, and formal verification of open hardware to cover heterogeneous devices.

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