The vision of REWIRE is to provide a holistic security management framework that can safeguard IoT environments during the whole spectrum of their lifecycle, i.e., from the Design to the Runtime phases, capitalizing on trust-aware defense mechanisms that exploit emerging technologies based on Formal verification, Theorem Proofs, Open Standard Instruction Set Architectures (ISA), Trusted Computing, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

REWIRE will be a 4-layered security sandbox that offers a harmonized toolchain to efficiently protect IoT deployments during their entire lifecycle. From a value chain perspective, there are four main phases of REWIRE and how it structures the defensive strategy:

  1. Formal verification of cryptographic protocols, definition of customized instruction set (ISA) to empower IoT processing units and human-guided synthesis of end-hardware description that will realize the custom system on chip for the specified requirements,
  2. Firmware (FW) & software (SW) security updates and patching validation
  3. Runtime attestation for verification of IoT devices’ operational assurance using customizable lightweight TEEs, and
  4. Blockchain-assisted AI-based misbehavior detection in distributed fashion.

By coupling the Zero-Trust and security-by-design principles under the concept of “Never Trust, Always Verify”, the proposed scalable and multifunctional cybersecurity platform will ensure the security throughout continuous security auditing, trust computing and theorem proofs for defining open ISA microarchitectures for reducing security threats of open-source hardware and software for connected devices. A certification procedure of the audited software and hardware components will propose new software security metrics and establish a layer of trust between actors and systems, utilizing Blockchain and smart contracts. REWIRE will exploit metadata generated from application behavioral patterns and operations to determine appropriate security policies and properties to block potentially harmful instructions.

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