Adaptive In-Vehicle SW & FW Patch Management & Software Functions Migration

A connected vehicle is considered as a collection of interconnected embedded systems. Nowadays, vehicles come with increased connectivity and exchange data with other untrusted vehicles and entities. The increased complexity broadens vehicles’ attack surface, demanding the adoption of mechanisms for securing and updating the entire vehicle. Cyberthreats and vulnerabilities pose an urgent need for over-the-air updates to limit the probability of a safety incident. In parallel, patching vulnerabilities is a hard and time-demanding process until a development team can provide an effective patch. In this challenging environment, REWIRE aims to address scenarios like (i) Modular Software and Firmware Updates of Electronic Control Units (ECUs), and (ii) Automated and Immediate Attack Mitigation.

REWIRE framework considers these two challenging scenarios as a means to ensure the correct authentication and authorisation, based on the validation of verifiable credentials, prior to receiving the software updates to assess the trust level of unreliable sources.

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