Project’s Pathways towards impact

The IoT market has grown exponentially in recent years, with the number of devices expected to exceed 30 billion by 2025. This growth is driven to a large extent by software, which is becoming a key differentiator. Software is driving innovation in the four ACES categories: Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared, towards the provision of new types of IoT services that can enhance customer experience and increase the value of next-generation “Systems-of-Systems”. However, for this to materialize manufacturers must also build in cyber-security from the beginning to avoid creating cyberattack-prone digital platforms. With every line of code, the cyber-security risk to edge devices increases, making the need for improved security measures, secure software and firmware upgrades and certification mechanisms, among all stakeholders, non-negotiable. Several independent mechanisms and tools exist in the literature providing operational assurance and security assessments. However, there is no holistic and harmonized toolchain for the efficient and continuous security assessment and management throughout the entire lifecycle of IoT devices that can provide strong and verifiable artefacts in system’s SDLC. In addition, most proposed techniques and tools are weak without considering the concept of zero-trust. To tackle IoT devices’ security challenges, REWIRE provides a solution that protects the entire lifecycle of such devices (deployment, bootstrapping, operation, update, and decommissioning) leveraging formal verification for different aspects (crypto, firmware) and runtime assurance. This holistic approach to IoT security, activates a multiplier effect on economic and societal dimensions as it will present business opportunities for stakeholders while it will increase cybersecurity awareness and will foster digital transition of EU societies.

REWIRE Targeted Groups

Service users (e.g., Smart cities, automotive, aerospace, defence, mmanufacturing, utilities, Logistics, transportation, Smart Home, Healthcare etc.)

They are considered as direct users of REWIRE’s solutions. They have or exploit IoT devices from third parties and infrastructure providers who need security services.

Service providers (IT Platform Vendors, System Integrators, Over the Top Players)

They provide innovative cybersecurity services, certification and mitigation mechanisms that help in-house IT workers to decrease level of vulnerability and data loss.

Infrastructure providers (Mobile Ops, App. Dev., SW & Telecom Equip. Vendors)

They provide the virtual and physical hardware that can be exploited by cyber threats.

National & EU public authorities & Policy Makers

They include the EC and its agencies which are of interest in a secure IoT landscape. They establish regulations, policies, and recommendations which the various initiatives need to comply with, also influencing the research activities.

Academia & Research & other projects

They perform state-of-the-art research & innovation and disseminate their findings. They are direct contributors and facilitators to the project outcomes.

SDOs and initiatives

They provide input to the project, while they can receive input and benefit from the project innovations expanding standards.

Wider public

Modern societies in everyday life have adopted IoT devices on the roads, smart cities, smart manufacturing, and there is a need for security that can cause physical damage or service failure.

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