Kick off Meeting – Rewire

The first meeting that kickstarted REWIRE activities, took place in a physical form in Athens, during 6 & 7 of October 2022. The Kick off Meeting has been hosted by the UBITECH, the project management and technical coordinator.

Representatives from all project partners had the opportunity to meet and discuss the initial steps in REWIRE implementation. Specifically, preliminary activities include the analysis of the general requirements and properties of the REWIRE Framework, mainly focused in the definition of the functional and non-functional requirements as well as security, trust and operational assurance requirements and properties.

In parallel with the work to be performed during the first months of the project regarding the requirements and characterization of REWIRE outputs to project goals, efforts are going to be placed towards the definition of the Use Cases and demonstrator-specific requirement analysis.

Next steps include the conceptualization of the overall framework architecture to define multiple components which meet these requirements; the identification of the REWIRE operational and security services, their criticality and a threat landscape considering the application domains of the use cases; the definition of modes of operation considering the operational peculiarities and the security requirements of the use cases; and the definition of the properties needed for attestation of Systems of Systems (SoSs) both at design and runtime phases.

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